A Mother’s Day special


I can’t tell you how excited I am to feature my mom on the blog! She is and always has been one of my biggest support systems. No matter what, she has always backed me up in anything I have set out to do and helped me succeed in any way she could. When I told her I was thinking about starting Wilson & Rose, her enthusiasm and encouragement helped me make the (at the time) very scary decision to actually do it.

Among the many things we have in common, one of them is our love for Levi’s jeans. I actually found my first pair of vintage Levi’s shopping in my moms closet years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. My mom’s wearing one of her newer pairs of Levi’s, which I actually have too. I love them because they have a bit of a higher rise (but not too high) and a straight leg keeping in tone with that vintage look. The combo of the pullover collared shirt and silk scarf instantly make it a Mother’s Day ready outfit, taking her from Brunch to Dinner without having to change!

Not only do I love the basket trend, but it screams Mother’s Day to me! It’s a great spring/summer staple and works so well with any outfit, whether casual or dressy. I really think it’s a trend that anyone can rock at any age.

So, this post is dedicated to all the fabulous mama’s out there, including mine. Happy Mother’s Day!


Mama’s Outfit

Neck Scarf  /  Zara

Top  /  Kenar (similar here)

Jeans  / Levi’s

Shoes  /  Zara (similar here)

Bag  /  Zara (similar here)

My Outfit

Neck Scarf  /  Forever21 (similar here)

Top  /  J Crew

Jeans  /  Grlfrnd Denim

Shoes  /  Adidas

Bag  /  Vintage



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